what is alpha?

Alpha is a revolutionary new media solution. It’s a global platform offering you the higher life, featuring movies, sports, news, children’s programs and a unique emphasis on inspirational and faith-based content. Television and radio stations from around the world in many languages complete the beginning of the Higher Life!

WHAT Is ON alpha?

Alpha will inform, entertain, instruct, motivate and inspire you in every area of life. You’ll progress from where you are to where you want to be as you access the myriad of offerings available, many of which are not included on other platforms. From Video on Demand to special live events, from movies for all ages to news and analysis programs which give you the real story behind the stories, Alpha will be your single source for programming that will significantly impact you, your family, friends and loved ones.


It is the Mission of Alpha to provide an impressive variety of programming which subscribers desire and need and is available to them when, how, and where they want to access it. This content will be presented in a stable, high-quality, and easy-to-use platform at customized prices for a global audience, backed up by the finest technical support and exceptional customer service. Every channel, every Video on Demand, every special live event, or pay-per-view offering will be included to enrich the lives of subscribers. Alpha: The Higher Life begins here.